How to Sim Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4 of AT&T or T-Mobile retailer?

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How to unlock AT&T or T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919 or SGH-1337 or SGH-1337M) For Free?
Unlocking your mobile is a crime in USA. Toxic Hack will not be responsible for any damage caused by you to your mobile or to other. This is for educational purpose only. If you are thinking to unlock your locked samsung galaxy s4, so it is very easy.
You can unlock your SGS4 without paying for it.

This way of unlocking sgs4 works for AT&T and T-Mobile Retailers only
PLease Note that this method is also find working on canadian variants of the galaxy s4 from BELL , Rogers or Telus.

        While the method given below has been tested by many users and they passed but yet i could not guarantee that it will work for you TOO!!.
As the user makes many mistakes while unlocking it's locked mobile or rooting or unrooting, then it may cause failure. So please read the tutorial several times before proceeding to get safe from being failure.

Steps TO Unlock:
                  First of all open the DIALLER in your S4 and write
*#27663368378#. ( if in case this code does'nt work for you then try dialling *#0011# )

Now you will see a screen saying Service Mode
In this carefully select [1]UMTS ( if you are not getting service mode then tab on select left to the home button and select back) Don't use the back button which is at the right of home button.

Then from UMTS menu select [1]Debug screen. Above

After getting into the debug screen menu you have to select [6]Phone Control

In the Phone Control menu you will see a menu Saying [6]Network Lock

Tap on it

In the Network lock menu select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
After selecting it a new menu will open in it select SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[1]

Tapping on it will show the following message.
Menu Not Exist Press Back key
Current Command is 116631 or 116621

Now tap on the menu button (left to the home button) and in it select Back. (To go back Do not press the back button which is right to the home button).
When you will do this you will see the following lines or tabs on the screen which is saying
SHA256_OFF => Not Change
 As you know that at the place of 0 it was 1  Now it has been changed.

Ignore this and select the menu button and select back again
Repeat this process until you reach the UMTS MAIN MENU.
In the UMTS MAIN MENU you will find an option called
[6]COMMON Tap on it.

Then Select [6]NV REBUILD.

Now in the NV REBUILD menu click or tap the option saying [4]Restore Backup.

Selecting this option will freeze your T-Mobile or AT&T carrier galaxy s4 temporarily.
The screen will turn off, the menu and back buttons will light up and the device will reboot.
This process can take few minutes so be patient and do not press any button till your galaxy s4 reboot completely.

Finally your galaxy s4 will boot up normally and it will be SIM (GSM) locked Hopefully.
To check if it is Unlocked or not try installing the sim of other carrier or network provider.


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Mohammad Ammad


  1. Hello ammad

    would the unlock wipe all the data on the phone ?? Just checking since we are restoring from a backup.

  2. Anonumous
    It is not necessary that your data will be wiped. But still make a backup of your data before Restoring, as it is not sure. Maybe your data would be wiped or may be not

  3. David Peters
    Yes it work, But not all Devices of S4

    1. Yes it works,
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  4. did not work on my 1337m gs4

  5. ppl do it on a s3 is it the same procces

    and i dont know what to do in this step

  6. @Nick Farez
    This process is also used on S3 but there are some minor differences which are not common in this process so you better use this process only on S4
    And about which step you are talking about?

  7. Very good article.
    I would like to share my knowledge about unlocking Samsung Galaxy phones.
    Samsung Galaxy S4 can be unlocked safely ,easily and permanently using unlock code . We can get the unlock code from our service provider or from online sites like . This method of using unlock codes to unlock the phone won't void its warranty. Whereas using software and applications to unlock will void the warranty and may damage the phone permanently if not used properly.

  8. FlashFaint:
    There are many other ways to recover the Device if somehow this process fails

  9. I bought an at&t samsung galaxy s4 but i dont have an at&t chip just my unaccepted sim card what do i do in this case because i think it is the reason why it isnt working for me

  10. @Alnardo Lora, Can you please elaborate. Sorry but i cant understand what you are trying to say.

  11. Good info
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  12. Thanks @Pantech but we don't need such type of things.

  13. what happend if u dont see umts or phone control anymore

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks ;) keep supporting us and please share this blog too

  15. @Anonymus not seeing UMTS is not a problem. The problem is if u dont see phone control.

  16. When I get to the step, In the Network lock menu select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

    It shows SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[0].... not SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[1]... is this a problem?

    Have treid this process several times with no success


    1. Anonymus, Go to NVRebuild menu and tap the option Restore backup..if it exist

    2. Great, this is the setting you want.
      It means your phone already allows you to make some settings changes, it DOES NOT mean your phone is already unlocked.
      You should continue with the rest of the process until the last step.

    3. Thanks ;) keep supporting us and please share this blog too

  17. I cannot see the UTMS or PHONE CONTROL

    I am using a new Samsung Galaxy S4 I337. I have tried many methods to get into the service mode. I have tried *#0011# *#9090#

    Nothing works. Has AT&T blocked the service main menu?


    1. @Anonymous, maybe the variant of S4 that you are using might use some other numbers to enter Service mode. Kindly send me ur email i'll send u some solution as soon as i will find some :)
      Mohammad Ammad

    2. Nope, doesn't have the necessary radios if it does I guess the baseband has them blocked so you'd still not be able to. Sorry.

  18. Got a brand new samsung galaxy S4 (SGH1337), tried all your steps to use it with T-mobile sim, its asking for a sim unlock code. Any suggestions?

    1. This unlock has been tried on the T-Mobile (USA) version of the phone, if you're coming from any other model, YMMV, it might or might not work.
      That being said, many others have tried it on the AT&T model, and on the international I9505 with success.

  19. salam yaar ahmad i did every thing as u explain but still the same yaar i am in malaysia and just bought t mobile can u help me y i cant unlock it thanks plase can u e mail me at

  20. Hi Mohammad,
    I am trying to unlock AT&T S4 i337 with the same method but it does not show me the service menu to start with. Kindly suggest an alternative.
    Thank you.

  21. Replies
    1. Thanks ;) keep supporting us and please share this blog too

  22. After numerous disappointments from other other unlocking services, unlocked my samsung galaxy S4 which was locked to 02. the code arrived with 24 hours and worked within one trial.

    1. Congrats, we don't know why this process didn't worked for you but we are happy to hear that you, have your device unlocked :)

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  24. 1337mเปิดหน้าจอไม่ติด

  25. What is Rat_free _supporting on

    1. Hi mohammed i dont have the option to change SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[1] that screen only shows that and when i click it my screen quickly flashes and i go back to the menu screen what can i do (sgh-m919)

  26. can the mobile get OTA updates normally or it will get locked after updates ??!

    1. @Anonymous Updates Won't stop.. You'r mobile may get locked after update and it might not be unable to unlock after the update!

  27. How can I unlock my samsung gallaxy s3 Sch-1535 from Verizon

  28. @Anonymous you can search for unlocking proccedure for S3 on this blog. We have that post

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